Guest Art 2- Revzet

Second guest art is from Revzet, who creates the webcomic City of Monsters!! Revzet made Akiva and Darcy look so cool and powerful here, and the upcoming mood of the story is captured so well. Aaaa! <3 About City of Monsters: "A long winter and a big city. A stranger in his own world, and a goddess worshiped for her deeds and judgements. In this city there are no saints or martyrs. No heroes walk the streets. This city procures the divided and favors those who conquer. And in this city, if you are not a monster you are dead. A noir/action/romance about social and political tensions, along with a cheesy romance and lot of explosions." City of Monsters has such cool, mysterious characters so far and I'm floored by the immersive backgrounds! Go give it a read and a sub at ! And don't forget to follow on Twitter @ Revzet77

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